June 6, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

It will not stop raining. It just keeps raining. Every morning and afternoon and evening I take a peek at the 10 day forecast. I don't know if I look repeatedly to punish myself or if I'm just enough of an optimist that I think it's going to go from a forecast of 60 degrees and rainy to 80 and sunny.
I am desperate for warmth. Desperate, I say.
Sadie has taken to being obsessed with standing in the window looking out. Hey, it's not like we don't leave the house or anything- sheesh, what do you take me for?
It's that she had a taste of the yard and now she wants more- I don't blame her.

I have a cute video of her standing on the couch singing but at the end she sort of falls. I'm right there and all but I thought if I put it up y'all would realize that I am not above letting my child slip a little in order to get some cute video.
Maybe one day you'll get to see it if you all sign the waiver I am working up for all viewers of my blog. You know, the one where nothing I write here can be held against me by you. It's all perfectly legal...

Anyway, we went out in the yard- rain, be damned! And I took some shots of the garden for you guys. And I can come back in a month and look at these pics and ooh and aah over how great it looks. First, here's a video of what Sadie was doing out there:

Next, one of our raised beds:

A squash blossom! A squash blossom!:
Did you know it has been my dream for years to grow potatoes? No? I thought we were friends. How could you not know that? Potato plant:

Our first tomatoes. Roma. We have 11 tomato plants because I'm hoping to can some. Stay tuned for the "How to Can Tomatoes with a Toddler" post:
The wall of blackberries. These blackberries, I swear they have a personal vendetta against me. If I walk within a foot of them one of their arms (arms?) shoots out and gouges me somewhere. But I'll get them back come August...mmm...August:

The plum trees. Our utility company came and chopped them last year as they were in the way of our power lines. That reminds me, they mentioned something about how our lines are so sensitive to things touching them and that they were extremely "live" or something. Thankfully I can't remember so I can't obsess about it.
Anyway, hoping the chopping of the trees doesn't ruin the plums:


I'm just seeing if you are paying attention. And since a large part of our trips around the yard involve pointing out Poopoo! Laddie Poopoo! you wouldn't want to be denied the experience. Oh, you would? Tough:

And because you were such good sports about the poop and all, enjoy this next Sadie in the yard video:

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