June 13, 2008

Pollen, aaaa-choooo

If you go to www.pollen.com you can see that the worst city in the USA to live in today in terms of pollen is Eugene. I'm not kidding. It's terrible!
I've sneezed so much recently Sadie has learned to say a-choo. And she came up with that sound completely on her own. I thought that was amusing.

But still we had a gorgeous day and went to the park and met some friends.

Sadie's friend Aiden brought his wagon. It was a big hit. Here she is with Aiden and Elias. They are cool kids with cool moms, to boot.

We made Danielle drag them all to the farmer's market. She was probably wondering why with her luck she had to end up in our mom's group. I mean, sheesh, that's an extra 50 pounds to pull around! And those two are just pushing their empty (empty!) strollers while I lug around their kids!!!
Danielle would never think that. That's why I like her.

Here they are at the farmer's market. They all look a bit dazed, no? Yet none of them wanted to leave the wagon to get in their nap-friendly strollers. That wagon rocks!

Next time I'm gonna see if Danielle will notice if I hop in there too.

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