June 11, 2008


Look at this picture of my dad and my aunt Lorraine below. First off, aren't they cute? And look, they're holding hands. Awwww...
Second, have you noticed that my child looks just like my aunt? And like my dad too.
I know all of you point out how much she looks like us. But seriously, look at that picture! Do you see why I just nod my head and try to explain how much she looks like a McGann when you tell me that?
Do you see it?
OK, now I've made it black and white. See it now?
OK, here, I've given her dark hair for those of you who have no vision. Yes, it's kind of creepy. But I'm helping you out so don't complain.
And my aunt Lorraine was a real looker, so it's a good thing!

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