June 12, 2008

Bubbles Again

I find the advancements we've made in the area of bubbles and bubble-related accessories really exciting these days. I do.
When I was a kid you had bubbles. They came in a small or big bottle that had a wand in it. Or you could get one of those giant wands that you dipped in the tray and spun around to make a bubble. These didn't always work, though. The end.
Sadie has a bubble machine, bought for $9.99, that makes a gazillion bubbles with a couple of batteries. When I was in third grade we put on a production of The Music Machine. The most exciting thing about the whole putting-on-a-play-excitement was that our teachers rented a bubble machine for the show.
We were so excited! Bubbles!? Unlimited bubbles!? We don't have to blow them and end up with the no oxygen head rush every manic bubble blower has experienced?
I can still remember the discussion of how expensive they were and how lucky we were to be able to rent it. Really, I kid you not. Now they're a dime a dozen.

She even has a wand thingy with a little foam fan that takes an AA battery. You dip it in bubble solution and press the button and you get a trillion bubbles without even trying! Here she is yesterday with it, her new best friend:

And this is my new best friend. It should be on the top of the list of every parent of a bubble-obsessed child: the non-spill bubble container.
She wanders around with it, blowing bubbles at will. This relieves me of bubble solution container holding, which gets kind of tedious after the 65th dip:
Did you notice that she's multitasking by placing her bread in her mouth so she can blow bubbles and point without setting down her food? That's my girl!

And here she is catching a bubble. Pop! Or as she says, PUP!

And here she is looking pretty. Actually she's looking down at Poopoo, but you don't know that:

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