June 10, 2008


We finally got a new washing machine. Well, a new to us washing machine. I believe it is actually from the 21st century. Our old one had to be from the 80s, which was fine, until it left us with a tub full of water and clothes to contend with.
Note: If your washer dies with water in it don't just remove the clothes and close the lid and go on your merry way. It will fester and mutate into something that smells like a swamp with raw sewage in it. Trust me.

And, in honor of our new washer Sadie started saying "laundry " repeatedly while dancing around on the clothes pile and transferring the clothes between our two baskets. Well, actually she's saying "lonnie," but seeing as how we don't have anyone named Lonnie living here that I know of I'll chalk it up to the fact that she's 18 months old.

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