June 21, 2009

80's Hair

Remember 80's hair? The hair people spent countless hours perming, teasing into a pouf of bangs and otherwise doing their best to make as big as possible?

My hair spent much of my childhood laying flat against my head. Unless it was short. In which case it framed my face in a frizzy triangle. I came late to the whole 80's hair look, even though I was a child of the 80's.

In 6th grade I was too dorky to really care about (any type of) fashion and gladly wore this really dorky denim jumper that had red lines on it. Underneath that I wore a red turtleneck.
And before you think I'm exaggerating about the kind of clothes I liked, this is the outfit I chose for my 6th grade school picture. Out of all the other outfits in the world I chose that one.

In 7th grade I was introduced to the teasing comb. Man, I loved that teasing comb. A few swipes backward and my bangs were poufy as all get out. I didn't even need the curling iron.

By 8th grade I was leaving the teasing comb behind and settling into my teen angst phase, which would last all through high school. This meant flat, dyed, black hair that covered my face at all times.

So if the big hair trend ever comes back into vogue we would be in trouble, as my styling skills leave a bit to be desired. That is, if I can't convince my child to opt out of it- as some things do not deserve a reprise.

Well, no worries, apparently Sadie is lucky enough to have hair that forms itself into 80's hair if slept on just right.

We were eating breakfast and I kept laughing so I decided to take some pictures.

Sadie started laughing too.

And this is the face she gave me when I told her to give me an 80's face. It's scary how good it is:


Some People said...

i started laughing so hard at the last picture that my children came running in to see what was wrong with mommy!

stella said...

that is AWESOME. she so nailed it.