June 17, 2009

A quick note

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the midwives where they tell me about the ultrasound results on the old placenta. The tech wouldn't tell me if it had moved or not.

I will update you.
But I did want to tell y'all about the baby. We saw him- yes, him- again in 3D. You know, that sort of creepy paper-baby looking ultrasound like the picture I posted last time.

Well, the minute she switched it into 3D I thought Holy crap, that looks like Will. But I didn't say anything because I figured I was crazy.
Then we were looking more and I said He kind of looks like you, no? And Will said he had thought the same thing but didn't say anything in case he was seeeing things.

It was neat and strange and sort of cool to see that he could already look like one of us.
I told Will that that's because this one is his.
Ha ha.

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