May 13, 2009


Sadie is constantly moving the hair out off her face. Getting mad at it, shouting hair bothering me! And the barrettes I put in slip out until they are dangling in the last centimeter of her bangs.

So, I figured why not cut her some bangs?

So we did. And if you're wondering why the video has a black space on the side it is because I went to the trouble of downloading a program and finding an online tutorial which showed me how to edit videos. 
All this because the entire video was an insanely unattractive view of my stomach/chest/crotch area. It was so upsetting it made me want to throw myself facedown on my bed while sobbing, exercise like a maniac, and give up and eat the entire pan of brownies I baked today- all at the same time.

A word to the pregnant ladies who have gained A LOT of weight: Do not put on yoga pants and an ill-fitting, unattractive shirt and record only your abdomen and thighs moving around. Seriously. Don't.

Anyway, the edited video. Enjoy!


And a picture. I am excited to see what it looks like after a bath and with braids/pigtails! Yes, I am a dork.


Shelby said...

Ok, I'm so pissed right now because I just got very excited to see this video and all I have is a big empty white box where I'm assuming the video should be. What kind of country am I living in!!!!!!!? But I love the pic, and braids/pigtails will be extremely cute with the bangs. I think I may print out the pic and draw them on Granny-style (with pen perhaps) to see for myself. Or you could post another picture...

LindaT said...

What a cutie
love grandpa

Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

I can't believe you would A. worry about looking *gasp* pregnant in the first place, and B. go through all that trouble for just over a minute of video. sheesh... they do look cute with the pigtails though..

Anonymous said...

Bangs! Auntie Rachel has bangs again too. See you Sunday!