May 11, 2009

When I be bigger..

There are so many things that Sadie has now been saying she will do when I be bigger.
Here are a few from the last few days:

When I be bigger...

I will be a doggy and eat out of a bowl like Laddie.

I will chew gum.

I will drive a car.

I will  be a turtle and tuck my arms into my shell.

I can touch your paper.

I cannot hit you. (Gee, thanks, Sadie. I didn't realize you could hit me now)

I will climb a ladder.

I will have my own kitty. (Dada told her the other day, after playing with a tiny kitten, that we would get her one when she's bigger- which we plan to do. So now she wants to know WHEN?)

Maybe when I be bigger...

I will like bubbles. (in seltzer)

I will eat a lot of chocolate. And get a tummy ache.


Rachel said...

She's the cutest person ever!!! Are you guys still thinking of taking a trip to Portland next weekend? Lemme know.

LindaT said...

When I be bigger I will play golf with Dada and Grandpa

Princessmdln said...

When I be bigger, I will get on a plane by myself to go see Auntie M and Uncle E. Ummm, think she can do that now? We miss you all so much!

Some People said...

When I be bigger I want to be just like Sadie's mom!