May 19, 2009


We went for a hike the other day. 
And, yes, I dragged my pregnant butt along on the hike. It was 3.8 miles- but the flattest miles you've ever seen, around a big ol' lake.
It was very nice. 
Especially since I carry snacks and Dada carries Sadie. 
But they both like that:

Towards the last mile of our walk Sadie decided she wanted to walk by herself.

She held our hands and had a great time walking. She tripped on a couple of tree roots and once went down. But just laughed it off.

Then we got to the big rock:

For some reason this one made her nervous and she didn't want to tackle it. Dada helped her, but she wasn't happy. Oh, no sir.

But she was fine in just a minute:

And the next time we hit a big slope she took it like a champ and even did a little walk sideways to keep her footing.
What a hiker!

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