September 30, 2007

She crawls!

Well, she finally figured out the old knee-leg crawl the other day. Now she no longer looks like a wounded soldier or a thirsty desert-stranded person. She looks like a baby crawling, which is what she is. And it only took us moving the last vestige of our adult house off to the side. The baby officially owns us.

The day we moved the table she crawled. It's like she'd been waiting. The hardwood floors were too slippery. And now that she figured it out on the rug the wood is easy-peasy too.

So far a chair is gone and now the coffee table. So our rug is now a giant play rug. Which is turning out to be fun for everyone. I think we should all have playmats, they remind us to get down on the floor and hang out- view the world from a different place than from our butt on the couch.

But, anyway, here's her first real crawl!

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