December 10, 2007

Worst. Christmas Festival. Ever.

We went to a festival billed as a Winter Fairy Festival. It was seriously the worst put together thing I've ever seen. Every station was just a children's pool filled with something and named a "sea" or "ocean." It was so bad that we laughed until we cried, and then we took pictures.
The fairies, by the way, were a group of 3 teenage girls who walked around gossiping, wearing jeans and fairy wings.
But it was to benefit some kid thing or other so we bought some tokens as donations.

Sadie in the "Lollipop Land."

Sadie in the "North Pole." Note the broom and dustpan left right there. Sure, this is a safe area for kids! Plus, all that delicious styrofoam I saw the kids eating.

The "Ice Cream Sea." I think this needs no description.

Sadie as an elf!

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