March 14, 2012


We found some feathers that are from some sort of bird. Imagine that. And here you were thinking they were from a rhinoceros. 
Anyway, we found some feathers and I was very excited when I saw that they would make decent quills. Sadie likes to hear about any old-timey stuff and Silas...Well Silas just likes to do anything that DeeDee is doing. 

So we cut the quills down and got to work.
Except I'm forgetting to mention the part where it took me a month to buy the India ink. And that when I finally opened the bottle and we started to use it I realized I probably just could have broken a pen open and used that ink instead of making them wait forever.

Yeah, I'm all about the quick thinking.
But they had lots of fun.

And were busily scribbling out correspondence while I cleaned the ink off the kitchen floor before it could sink in. I know you're not surprised by that turn of events.
What? A 2.5 year-old spilled out his little cap of ink when he flipped it over to look underneath?
I never!

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