March 18, 2012

Third Time's the Lucky Charm

Or it wasn't. Because we didn't catch a leprechaun.
We built two traps. One was a reprise of the cup trap from previous years. But we thought the other couldn't fail.

When we came out in the morning the trap door was shut and the box was still closed. Sadie hid in the hallway while I peeked inside.
Oh, yeah, Sadie was very excited to make the traps but then she looked at me with big eyes and said, Mama, I'm kind of scared we'll catch a leprechaun.
So she wasn't altogether unhappy to find some gummy candies instead of a leprechaun. And the gummies were the ones that are terrible for you. Apparently leprechauns don't care about artificial colors.

We weren't sure how he had managed it until we saw the back of the box.

He must have been doing a little jig as he broke through. He did leave a note.

And green toilet water, green juice and green yogurt- breakfast of champions!
Except for the toilet water, of course.

Then we made some green oobleck to celebrate. It's gooey and yucky and lots of fun to mess around in. And although it takes one minute to make it takes twenty-five to clean up it's a good time.

Maybe we'll get him next year, but I still think we were pretty lucky. 

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