July 22, 2010

Theme of Today

I'm sensing a current theme here. Why am I always posting pictures of children eating?
We don't really eat that much. I mean, I did come home with 13 donuts yesterday. But we didn't sit at the table to eat those.
And, yes, there are a few left.
Or a couple, I can't remember which.
Anyway, pictures. Yes, I think it's because so much of my time is spent doing damage control.
Like this: No, Silas, stop grabbing cords. Oops, you knocked that over. No, no, no throwing dog food on the floor. Sadie, please stop trying to jump rope next to Silas, you're pulling him over... Uh oh, poor baby, are you okay? You went boom in Sister's rope!
Oh, that's nice, Sadie, are you giving him a hug? Awww...OK, ok, I think that's enough hugging. It's a little too tight. Sade...let go. Now.
Oh, Sy, you're OK.
And so on and so forth.
So it's these times when everyone is trapped in a seat that I am sometimes able to take out a camera and catch something.
Without worrying that a baby is going to grab the strap somehow and crash it to the floor.
And, though my photo times have been limited, I still catch some nice moments.
Even if they are messy ones.

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