February 9, 2011

The State of Our Union

We were heading out for a fun day of playing today when I noticed Sy's eye was really goopy. So instead of playing we heading to the doctor where he was diagnosed with pink eye and a virus. Now his eye is little and pink and his nose is running like crazy and he started coughing on the way to the doctors. Sheesh!
This house feels like it has been transformed into a sick bay. Finally we're all well and boom- sick again! Blargh!

Sadie was disappointed to be changing plans at the last minute but I must say she is so good about things like that. Really, beyond her years good.
Well, OK, mama, but can we see them next week?
And I wouldn't blame her if she had squeezed a tear or two out. If you had seen her jumping and dancing around the living room earlier because we were going to Laila's house!!! you would be surprised at how she took it in stride.

Our natural food colors arrived today- stay tuned for treats that have been colored naturally. And, yes, I have cut out all FD&C food colors for the most part. I am now that mom.
I read a bunch about them and really, who the heck needs petrochemicals that have been found to truly cause behavior issues?
We're looking forward to Pancake Sunday this week!

We have been invaded by mice. Armed with my caulk gun I have attempted to seal the house. And I think we may almost have 'em.
The cats have been wandering around sniffing and loitering in a couple spots today so I think there may still be one in the house.
We caught FIVE after I sealed up all the entry holes.
Did you know it was possible to have that many extra creatures in your house and not know it?

Sadie has been cracking me up. Whenever she bites a carrot she says: Hello, doc! And even though she's been told Bugs Bunny says What's up, doc? she never remembers. And, frankly, I won't correct her anymore because I think it's cute.
We have been reading A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein. She loves his poems. But she calls it There's a Light Bulb in the Attic. Don't even try to tell her different, she won't believe you.

So I'm off to hang with my crusty eyed baby. Poor fella.
There's just a little of what we've been doing around these parts.

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