May 30, 2011

Twenty-One Questions

How do they make cords for electricity to run on?

How do people build special bath pipes for water?

Why are clouds white?

How does the radio work? What do the waves in the air look like?
Why do some cars have big antennas?

What makes the wind blow?

Why does brother get boo-boos and I don't? Why don't big girls get boo-boos? I wish Dada had delicious boo-boos so I could nurse off them at night!

Why is our car white?

Why do they stuff animals? Are the animals at Build-A-Bear dead animals that you stuff? Why aren't they real, dead animals?
I guess people don't want to snuggle with real ones, they'd be all dirty and yucky and stuff!

Why do moths fly at night and butterflies fly during the day?

Why do people keep crashing into us? (We were rear-ended again the other day but this time the guy cracked our light, I keep forgetting to mention it to people)

Where did the big asteroid hit the earth and kill the dinosaurs? Can I see the hole? (When you ask where she would like to go on vacation she wants to go to the crater)

Why, when it rains, do the worms say, "Oh no, oh no, I don't want to get wet! I'd better come up out of the ground!" Mama?

Why are bubbles rainbow when you look at them close?

Do all fruits start as flowers? Why do flowers need roots to grow?

A sampling of questions from Sadie. She loves questions about science. I love answers about science. So it works out pretty well.

Although sometimes I just want to say, I don't know. Go watch TV. Especially after the fortieth why? question that has no answer.
Then I remember that we don't watch TV during the day and I curse our no-TV-during-the-day rule.
Then I answer with enthusiasm because I know that she has plenty of time to consider and ponder all of these things while she is not watching television during the day. Because we are outside, because we are reading books. And it's wonderful. And she's so smart. And I love it.

So I answer and maybe we look at pictures and she gets so excited to have learned something new and interesting.
And asks me another question.
And then I lay my head down on the table and curse the fact that we don't watch TV during the day.
And then I thank my lucky stars that this inquisitive little girl belongs to me.


Greerio said...

You should tell her that in France, they call moths. "papillon de nuit" which means butterfly of the night.

Danielle said...

you should take her to Crater Lake for a vacation. Then she can say she saw the crater.