January 12, 2012

Unanticipated Risk

Little did I know that having children would involve a completely ridiculous amount of fat lips. And 97% of them are the product of Silas.
The weirdest part is that almost all of them happen when we are sleeping. Somehow, in the night, he has some sort of dream that causes him to yell, No, no, no!

And, on a side note, what the heck are little kids always dreaming about that they are yelling No! at everyone? I mean, sheesh, you'd think all their dreams are all someone trying to steal their favorite toys or rip their cookie out of their hand or something.

Then, while he's yelling at whoever is stealing his truck or fruit roll-up he pushes his legs out straight and flings himself upward. Into my lip, which hits my teeth and bleeds and swells.
The best part is that as he gets bigger the flopping around has gotten bigger too, leading to this morning's fat lip(s). He managed to get both top and bottom. It's a doozy.

There are many things no one ever tells you about being a mother that you find out later. But I'd have to say fat lips might just be the strangest.

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