April 23, 2012


A creme-filled chocolate egg is a good breakfast on Easter, no?

The Easter Bunny said it was okay. He said someone has to eat all the junk.

But E.B. also reminded them to eat their veggies. I think he might have kids of his own.

The Lego candy was a big hit. Food! That you can play with!
Not that it stops them when they're not Legos.

Then some last minute egg dying. We had meant to dye them earlier in the week but S & S spent all week with fevers on couches watching way too much television.
They now know what time PBS kids comes on in the morning. It took days for them to stop asking once they were well.

It's only a matter of time before they hold the thermometer up to the light bulb in order to get more, isn't it?

Here is Sy showing us how excited he is to be dying eggs. How could you not be excited?

Oh. That's how.

Nah, she really did enjoy it.
Then we retired to the backyard for some Mud Pie Kitchen time. It has its very own working faucet.
And a mixer. And lots of mud.

You know, I'm wondering if the Easter Bunny had his thinking cap on the day he ordered that one. He must have forgotten how very dirty little bunnies can get.

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