August 25, 2012

Birthday Boy

Silas finally figured out what it means to have a birthday and, man, he was excited.
The day before his birthday he said, When I three I get a camera!

Yep, you sure do.
And here's the birthday boy:

Dressed in his fireman costume from Sadie, and playing with his remote control car.

Sadie said, All his presents are good, but mine is the goodest!
She loves to use that word, even though we tell her it's not one.

Then we went to the county fair. Last year he went on tons of rides. But while we were in Massachusetts he had a run in with a kiddie car ride and wouldn't ride a thing. 
I not ride. The cars go too fast and I can't see Mama, he said. 
So there went the $25 ride bracelet. But we convinced him that the carousel might be fun, since an adult could ride with him. He agreed. So, after five rides we finally broke even.

Sadie went on every ride with her friend, Laila. At least twice. 

She enjoyed being fancy. 

And since it was about 100 degrees we went home tired and hot, but happy.
We cooled down with some ice cream cake. Sadie jumped the gun with the Happy Birthday song, but Yiyi liked her singing to him.

When we all started singing he got a little shy.

But he blew out his candles just fine.

The next morning he woke up and said, Today's my birthday! 
When I told him it wasn't going to be his birthday until next year, he said, Aw-ww.
Now that's he's figured it out he's joined the ranks of children who wish every day was a birthday, or Christmas, or Easter, or Halloween. Hey, you can't blame 'em, I sometimes do, too.

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