September 7, 2012

The Love Affair is Over

So Sadie says to me yesterday:
I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I'm going to refuse.
But she went this morning, no problem. She likes school, just doesn't feel like going. Remind you of anyone? Ha!

And, in other news, she has a loose tooth. Bottom right. When we figured that out yesterday I think I may have gotten a little too excited (I started dancing around and sang a tooth fairy song- yes, I think I was a little over-excited.) and she got nervous, even though she's been waiting impatiently for the day.
Then again, every friend of hers (who have all lost a tooth already), has freaked out when hit with the first loose/lost tooth. One even demanded his tooth back from the tooth fairy and put his tooth fairy booty under his pillow the next night to exchange it for his tooth.

So I guess it's normal, in an every-kid-is-insane sort of way.

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Larry said...

So Sadie says to me yesterday:
I don't want to go to write on the blog tomorrow. I'm going to refuse
The Love Affair with Sadie-cakes blog is over????