December 28, 2013

Happy New Year

And here's a look at the old year. You'll be traveling back in time. Not because I want to be cute--it's pure laziness, and that's how they uploaded.

The eight inches of snow that closed the city down for a week. We're lightweights over here.

The first day of school.

The only time in twelve months they weren't fighting.

Pumpkins, Cider and Jail.

Camping! Or cabin-ing, for you purists.

The county fair.

Jumping. Summer!

 Okay, there was one other time they weren't fighting.


You're going to see these on the calendar, too. Yes, I'm making it. It's coming. Not in time for January 1st, but you didn't really think I'd have my act together, now did you?
Silly, silly people!

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