December 12, 2008

Two Years Old!

It's hard to believe that Sadie is two years old. We had a great birthday day. When she woke up we gave her the guitar (really a ukulele) that we got her. She really likes it, which is most gratifying.

Then we emptied out her piggy bank and took all the money to the bank and put it in her account. For those of you who don't know, Sadie is obsessed with her Dollar Pig and loves getting dollars to put in. She even goes in my wallet and steals out dollars and asks me Put dollar in pig?

Then we decided to be as completely middle America as possible and take Sadie to Chuck E. Cheese. Well, actually, she spent all week telling me I like pizza! so we thought it would be cool to go get a pizza there and play some games.

She liked this one:

She didn't really like this one:

My favorite, Skee Ball. Hey, looks like she has the hang of it:

Good job, Sadie. You pick one ball up and then you..

Um, just one ball...Hmmm, maybe she isn't getting the hang of it:

Oh, it doesn't matter. Skee ball is fun!

Even if I did have to retrieve one of the balls from 4 lanes over.

Having fun and pizza:

And then we went to the movies. She didn't last through the whole thing but we had a good time.

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