December 8, 2008

A Sadie Glossary

I know that other people's kids are hard to understand when they're two. So I've created a glossary to help you all along when speaking with Sadie.

Moin: More

Too Heavy: Too hard. Or too heavy, but usually it means it's too hard for her.

Man. As in "Moin guy" and "Where guy?" after the exterminator leaves.

The letter "F": Is pronounced as "Sh." So the following words are:
Shore: Floor
Shish: Fish
Sheet: Feet
Shun: Fun
"I no shall osh!": I no fall off!
You get the picture.

Yain: Rain. All "R" sounds are "Y."

Booboos: I think we're all aware of what that means.

Nope: No. She has stopped saying no. It's now Nope.

Nope. Just sharting!: Sadie's answer when you ask her if she's pooped in her diaper. Now, just switch out the "sh" for an "f" like mentioned above and you'll know what she's saying.

Too far (shar) away: Can't reach it.

lonnie: Laundry, which is usually scary. So "lonnie scawy."

Nakey Baby: Wants to run around naked.
See Mommy Nakey:
After Dada gives her her nightly bath she has to run nakey out to me. Why? So I can see her nakey, I suppose. Don't ask, I have no idea.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the standouts. What a crazy kid. What a crazy 2 years old tomorrow kid. Wow.


Rachel said...

Your daughter is the cutest little girl, nay, human being that ever lived. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SADIE!!!!
Who could forget the classic glossary entry "Nakey Aunty Yachel" when she was pounding on the bathroom door as I was taking a shower.
Tell Sadie Aunty Yachel and Guy say Happy Birthday.

Nathan McReynolds said...

happy happy bday sadie!