December 9, 2009

Three's a Charm

Well, I will attempt to tell you about Sadie's 3rd birthday in 30 seconds. The 30 seconds I have before Brother starts his colicky scream again.

We went to Dancing Mouse. Of course we did.

We had cake. We blew out candles. Which were blown out first by an overzealous friend. Which was pretty funny, and didn't cramp Sadie's style.

Which was nice. 'Cause the last thing we wanted were tears and recriminations at a 3 year-old's party.

Then Sadie's mother forced her to sit outside in the record cold snap we have been having (20s!) to take some pictures of her in her beautiful birthday outfit her Auntie M & Uncle E gave her.

How could you not love this skirt?

Would I look silly in a skirt like this? Don't you want one too?
Doesn't it make you want to do silly things?
Like look through it and flirt with it and twirl around?

See? It does.
Welcome to being 3, Sadie. Enjoy the years where you get to wear crazy flouncy skirts without a modicum of self-consciousness.

But we are going to have to take it off to go to sleep...

Sorry, my sweet 3 year-old Monkey-Doo. I'm so happy you chose me to be your mama.
Even if I am mean and don't let you sleep in your fancy new skirt.

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LindaT said...

Happy Birthday Sadie! You look delicious. Just like you are totally enjoying your skirt. It is be-oo-tiful. And if you are like your Mama, you will continue your fashion sense and wear whatever you like when you like. It took Grammy about 50 years to reach that point. Hooray for you!
Love you, Grammy