April 4, 2010


Well, Sadie may be afraid of leprechauns and a bit wary of Santa, but it would seem that the Easter Bunny is so not scary.
When we woke this morning I said, "Hey Sadie, do you think she came?"
Yes, the EB is a she. How do I know? Sadie told me so.
Anyway, all it took was that reminder that it was Easter and Sadie was down the hallway. Come, Mama! Come!
I'm thinking next Christmas she'll be sneaking out to open presents at 4am with no fear.

Here's what Ms. Bunny (did I not mention she's also a women's libber?) left for Sadie and Silas:

A book, a toy, a puzzle and bug catcher for the gal who loves worms and ladybugs.
Some chocolate bunnies, too.
Here Sadie is right as she managed to get me to agree to give her one to eat in the morning.

Hey, I did make her wait until after breakfast. But Easter is a day to eat junk at times you don't usually get to. I ate a half pound of See's chocolates. Really.

And some felted wool toys I made.
The two eggs are rattles for Brother. And a cracked egg with a bunny for Sadie.

And here's the bunny out of its egg.

And, yes, I am aware that bunnies do not come from eggs. Creative license, people.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

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Greerio said...

Sadie is so lucky to have such a fun and thoughtful Mom. You make everything magic!