September 10, 2010

Oh, Boy.

Everyone keeps saying it's the difference between boys and girls. But no matter how sensitive Sy may be in every other respect he does things Sadie never even thought of.

How much can this table squeak? He'll shake it until everything on it falls off.

Will this fit in the garbage can before anyone notices? Mama looks in and fishes out a wooden block and a hat.

Hmm, I wonder if I can touch the ceiling? Climbs on to chair, up onto desk, stands on desk. Yes, on desk.

And another, I must open this cabinet so I can slam it open and shut repeatedly and get to the poisons within. See for yourself:

Notice the interest.
Hey Lady, this cabinet's closed!

Open it! Pleeeeease?

Let me in? I must get in here. Now. I'm gonna pull and pull until I get it.

Got it!

What're you looking at, Lady? Ha!

Of course I then installed a better set of childproofing devices. But due to repeated pulling and slamming they stopped working as of today.
Silas was quite proud of himself when he breached the defenses. And quite enamored with my cleaning fluid. And quite pissed when said fluid was removed from his possession.
Maybe I need a moat?

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