September 27, 2010

A trip to the coast

We took a trip to the coast with the intention of watching the sunset. Having lived here for four years and never seen the sunset from the beach just seemed wrong.
So on a nice day we drove out there with plenty of food and sand toys. We were ready!

You have to climb up a really high dune to get to the ocean side. Sadie had a lot of fun sliding down the dune when we got to the other side.

But when we got to the other side was also when we realized that the ocean was rough and high and the wind was blowing the heck out of everything.
Sand was blowing into my teeth, our blankets were slapping us in the face. The ocean was so far up the beach there was nowhere flat to sit.
All in all, not a perfect beach day.

But we did have time to take a few shots.
Um, no Silas! You won't like it...
Yeah, sand on the face is never fun.

Add sand in the eyes to that equation mentioned above and you'll understand why I reached my beach limit pretty darn fast that day.
So we dragged a screaming, sandy baby and a kid back over the dune and had our picnic in the parking lot. Where we were all much happier.

And that sunset? Looked awesome in the rear view mirror.

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