December 2, 2010

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

I would actually save a scent. The scent of my babies. Sadie had it, and Silas still does.

It's of new skin and baby sweat. It's sweet and spicy and buttery and breastmilky and so absolutely delicious and addictive that I find myself burying my nose in his neck and head countless times a day.
Time is running out, and I know that soon that smell will be gone for good.

There will be a time when my big, stinky teenagers will seem like they never could have been so small and sweet-smelling.
So I just want a bottle, a small one, with a tiny cork, that I can open and sniff 12 years from now.

But there's just no way to bottle it. So I'll have to get my fill while I can.

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