December 8, 2010

Sadie, On the Eve of Your Turning Four, You Are...

You are quick and funny and silly and smart as a whip.
You are enthusiastic and impatient and can argue until your opponent just wants to give up and give in.
You are beautiful, inside and out. Pretty is as pretty does. And, Bubba, you do pretty.
You are snuggly and soft and crass and loud and shy and stubborn as a mule.
You will push your brother to the ground to get past him but also spontaneously declare your love for him.
You ask what the people's signs who are asking for help on the street corners say, and want to give them all something.
You hate admitting you are sad, but will admit to needing a hug. You feel things so deeply.
You love to draw and sing and dance and every day I am amazed at what you can do.
You are honest, except when you're telling silly little-kid fibs, of course. But you're honest when it counts.
You are your own delightful, wonderful, awesome, kooka-banana, crackerdog, shining soul.

You are the best little girl in the world. Seriously, how'd I get so lucky?
Don't ever change.

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