August 30, 2011


I have baby feet on my lap. Cranky baby feet. So getting up to get pictures posted is out of the question.
But I did take some today and will get them posted tomorrow. Promise.

I will tell you that Silas turned two. Well, you know that. But he also turned TWO.

Today we had two year-old meltdowns because (and these are only the ones I can remember):

He wanted to get in the car seat by himself.
He pulled the petals off his flower.
I had an apple.
The (mysteriously) wrong cup of water was handed to him when he asked for water.
Sadie tried to give him the toy he wanted.
He wanted pudding. (which he was getting)
The pudding had to be put in a bowl.
10 minutes later, when he was calm enough to want pudding again I set him up with his bowl:
Suction of bowl failed, spoonful of pudding fell on foot. Insanity ensued.

So bedtime was at 6:40 today. He needed it.

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