February 2, 2012

Gingerbread Guys

Did you know that it's impossible to read about gingerbread cookies and not make them? 
Okay, well it's not impossible, but it's certainly difficult.
We had gingerbread on the brain. 
So we got to work rolling the dough.

Here you are being treated to Silas's "stank face." Isn't it lovely?

Now, that's better, Yiyi.

We cut out all kinds of shapes, including moose and squirrels. I have no idea why we have moose cookie cutters. I guess in case we wanted to celebrate Maine's statehood anniversary?

And don't ask me why that picture above is on the side. Blogger's new interface likes to do things like that. 

Waiting is the hardest part, as they say.  They watched the first batch bake.

Plus, we had to make sure these stinkers didn't run off before they were done.

And, contrary to the face Sadie is making below they were delicious. I saw after the fact that I managed to catch five truly terrible pictures of them "enjoying" their cookies. This happens often.

But, they were enjoyed. Much faster than they should have been.
Just between you and me, I was afraid the  little fellas might escape if given too much time to plan, you know?

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