February 4, 2012

Tiny Yi

Yes, I know that tipping the scales at 40 pounds at two years old isn't exactly tiny. 
But he's still my Tiny Yiyi.

Plus, he's just really,


really cute in a tiny sort of way.
Plus, now he likes to make funny faces.

He thinks he's a regular laugh riot.

A comedian.

I'm not sure what he thinks this face below looks like, but he must think it's a doozy, because he says, Mama, Mommy, wook! Wook, Mommy! 
And then he does it and cracks up:

You think you're funny, eh, kid?

Well, you're absolutely right.

P.S. Any idea where he could have gotten the idea of making weird faces at me?

Not sure.

Wait, something's coming to mind.

Oh, that's right.

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