May 21, 2012

Face Paint

I didn't realize you could actually run out of face paint, but we are. They love having their faces painted.

And of course I love repeating Stay still. Please hold still. If you turn your head I'll mess u-. Well, now I have to clean that off, hold on. 
No, I really do like to do it, though. Especially when they ask for something like they did the other day. What they wanted most in the world was to be painted like Ruby the cat.

I thought it was very cute. They kept showing themselves to Ruby and meowing like they expected her to sit up and be like, Wait! What the...?! How did I...?

And here they are. It was like herding cats to get that shot of them together on the chair.They also demanded bowls of water on the floor to drink. But, come to think of it, that's not an uncommon occurrence around here on any day.

Here's Silas as Laddie. That red thing on his mouth was the tongue. It took about 27 seconds for him to mess it up.

And Sadie as a masked floral superhero.

No flower is safe from her. 
Hm, maybe she's actually the masked floral villain. I'll have to ask.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

So cute, I really need to get some face paints, I think the kids would love it and I would be in control of the paint brush. For some reason that makes me think it would be less messy.