May 30, 2012


I Blobo-Man! Silas has been yelling for weeks as he runs around with part of our vacuum.
Which we then find a couple of days later out in the yard.

To the uninitiated this means I'm Blower-Man! 
You know, the man who walks around with the pack on his back, blowing leaves and other yard debris? There may be no greater man than this in his eyes. Of course he's also:
Poker-Man (this requires a sword)
Caggoo Man (this requires a firefighter hat)
Baggoo Man (this requires a garbage truck or can)

Yeah, he's a boy.
So, tired of picking up the vacuum tube constantly, we decided to make our own blowers.

Mmmmwwwwrrrr! Roooooaaaaawwwwwwrrr! Can you hear me? My motor loud! he likes to say.

Of course, it's only a matter of time before they realize their new toys can be used to torture you.

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LindaT said...

Great idea, Mama. You are so clever. (this originally posted under the wrong post