June 26, 2012

The End of an Era

I know I've been supremely bad about the blog. Terrible. Awful. Falling down on the job. And so on.
And I don't even have new pictures for you right now. I know, I know. 
You forgive me, though. 

What I do want to tell y'all is that Sy hasn't had booboos in almost four weeks. I know you probably aren't amazed by the fact that an almost three year-old has stopped nursing, but I am.
It was so easy, easier than I thought it would be. And now I am free! Free! Well, except for the whole mother to young children thing.

But as much as I like having ended the nursing chapter of my life, it went something like this:

Woohoo! He didn't nurse to sleep! Oh, that's so sad. He didn't nurse to sleep!
Lump rises in throat. 
He might never nurse to sleep again. That last time will have been the last time, and I didn't even know it.
Sob. Then suddenly happier.
Woohoo! I don't have to be the only person to put him to bed. Or only wear certain shirts to sleep. Woo! 
Lump back again. 
My sweet baby is growing up.
Lump recedes.

So, yeah, I think bittersweet is the word for this situation.
And after five and a half years of nursing two children one after the other (with a month hiatus in the middle) I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking it out past those first few months of nursing problems I had with Sadie.

Breastfeeding is completely everyday and normal and boring. But it's also been an incredibly special bond between me and my babies.
So forgive me while I do a little jig of delight while wiping the tears out of my eyes.

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LindaT said...

Congrats to both mother and baby. It is sad and happy, because nursing is like nothing else in the world. You will never again experience that feeling. Oh, boo-hoo, here I go...

But on the bright side, it gives you much more time for blogging!