March 17, 2010

Top O' The Morning

We went and got Sadie all worked up about the possibility of catching a leprechaun last night. After all, if you catch a leprechaun you get all his gold.
And who doesn't want a big ol' pot of gold?

So we made a trap.
And we baited it with...what else? Irish soda bread.

And then we waited.
And, yes, the trap is a cup on a string, looped over a chair. But it worked. When you picked up the soda bread it fell. And, by God, that was about all Sadie & I were capable of yesterday.

This morning I asked if she was ready to check out our trap.
You go, said Sadie, I don't want to. I'll wait here in the bathroom.
She was totally scared to check.

Who knew I'd scar her for life with talk of leprechauns?

He had escaped, but left her some booty for trying.

And from what I hear he really expected to get to the bank for some gold dollar coins. But he didn't. And he really doesn't even have a good excuse. Except it's another two-children-out-of-the-car-stop. And leprechauns are notoriously lazy.

He did turn the juice and toilet water green. Which completely erased the scarred-for-life moment. Now she can't wait to do it again.

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Jayme said...

LOL! That is too funny that she was scared to look!