May 2, 2010

A Dog and His Boy

Sy is starting to notice the pets.

How could you not when one is practically on your lap?
He especially likes Mr. Bird, I'm sure because he is so easy to see, being a messy black and white cat.
And he's been trying to crawl. Trying hard. He wants to reach everything, including those pets. Watch out, Mr. Bird.


aaron and becky said...

you do not know me...but i came across your site b/c believe it or not i have two kids one about to turn 3 named sadie and one that is 15 months named silas......from what i can tell you and your family are creative artists as my husband and i are both artists...i am finding some of these similarities fun and odd all at the same time so i wanted to share this.....

Sadie & Silas said...

Hi there. Glad you stopped by. That is too funny about the names!
I'd love to see your blog if you have one!

aaron and becky said...

we do have a blog....and here is another one for you we started ours in 2007 as well when i was pregnant with sadie...the blog is private though....but i have no problems sending you the link email me at
hope you are enjoying the days....have a very happy and hopefully relaxing mothers day!