October 20, 2010

Apples to Apples

We were out in the yard the other day. Enjoying our fall. 'Cause this year we are having a lovely autumn. It's great.

We had been pumpkin picking and apple buying and everyone was chomping down on an apple.
Silas in particular loves apples.
If he sees an apple he starts pointing and fake crying until you hand it over. And, of course, since he has no molars it is my job to eat off the peel.

Which makes him go ballistic: You're eating my apple! I can't believe you're eating MY APPLE! he yells.
Or at least that's what I think he yells. It's more like little angry fists that clench and a red face with Aaaaah. Then I give him his bitten apple and he gets to work on the middle.
Then, of course, I have to repeat on the other side of the apple. You can imagine how that goes.

So, he we are, with our apple. This apple has been in the dirt, leaves and muck. And whenever I take it back to try to clean it guess who flips out? Yep.
So when I hear a little splash as I am taking pictures of Sadie I am not surprised to see he is throwing it repeatedly into the dog's outside water bowl. See the water on his face?

And after my first reaction of "yuck" I thought: Well, at least that's now a clean apple!

Well, if the possibility of dog spit on your apple doesn't negate any washing off of dirt and grime, it's clean.
And he didn't seem to mind. So I ran with it.
If you knew the number of things in my house that have recently had a swim in the dog water bowl you probably would think twice before coming over.
Or asking to borrow my toothbrush.

And, sheesh, the begging I had to do to get this one to sit for some pictures! She either made crazy faces or chomped her apple the whole time, as she is entirely too busy to sit around and look at Mama.
The only way I could get her to look at me was to say I was going to go take pictures of Silas like it was no big deal.

For once sibling rivalry works in my favor!

Look at that face.

This picture is entitled:
What Sadie's Face Would Look Like if She Were A T-Rex. It really is. She told me.

And here she is. Right after I told her she was a nincompoop. She likes that word.

Happy Autumn!

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