October 25, 2010


What autumn wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch?
On a lovely Sunday last week we packed us up and drove an amazingly short distance to this lovely little place to get some pumpkins.

We got a real horse drawn hay ride out to the patch. Where we set to work finding that perfect pumpkin for each of us.

And a ladybug. Which was infinitely more exciting than choosing a pumpkin. For a while, at least:

And, yes, those are pearls you see peeking out of her sweater. Sadie enjoys nothing better than being Fancy. Only fancy clothes need apply every morning when we are dressing. So of course we wear pearls to the pumpkin patch!

This one thought sitting amongst a field of pumpkins was a blast:

And he even chose one.

But I think the most excited person may have been Dada. He wandered far and wide, searching for the perfect pumpkin.

And he came back with three!

Sadie led us to safety out of the corn maze. Thank Heavens!

And apple cider, apple cider donuts and fresh-baked cookies were on the menu. Sy had his first chocolate chip cookie.

Sadie had her 334th chocolate chip cookie.

And not to worry, they both ate every crumb.

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