April 21, 2011

Man of Few Words

Silas has a few words now:
Dye (bye)
Unh-uh (no)
Uh-huh (yes)

There aren't many and they are used sparingly, because, hey, why use different words when you can use one, universal, all-purpose word?
That would be his most favorite word: ah-ba or ah-bah, sometimes also known as hah-ba.

Ah-ba can mean look or give me.
Paired with the sign for more it means more.
It can mean, Change my poop diaper, lady. Although Eh! is also used in that instance as well.
It can be happy, like so: Aaah-ba!
It can be angry and staccato-fast: Ah-ba!Ah-ba!Ah-ba!
It can morph into crying: Aah-ba, Ahahaha-ha-ha-baa...
And he loves to whine it: Ah-ba-a-a, ah-ba-a-a
A question: Ah-ba?
It is a call and response, too. Say Aah-baah to him and he says it back with glee.
It can also be hollered at the top of your lungs while sitting in a shopping cart in a store because you like the echo sound that your voice makes: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Yeah, that one draws a bit of attention our way.

Even though more words would help at the whole verbal communication thing, we are getting good at sussing out the meaning of the Ah-bas. And he does communicate, even if it is in his own words. Or word.
Except that shopping cart one. That one is just bananas.

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