April 26, 2011

Peter Cotton(Candy)Tail

I didn't take a lot of pictures at Easter. Let's just say that pictures taken in the dark at 7am are not usually the best. And by 7:02 the baskets were dismantled and the faces covered in chocolate.
But I did get some later in the day, as you can see from Sadie's face paint being almost completely worn away due to excessive chocolate eating and face-rubbing.
Yes, the Easter Bunny brought the usual candy, and some much-wanted face paints.
But not only that, she left a cotton candy machine.
Yes, she. The E.B. is a lady around these parts.

It was a big hit. Getting candy is one thing. Making it yourself is like magic.
And what's that Jesus once said?:
Give a kid some candy and she's wired for a day. Teach her how to make candy and she's wired for a lifetime.
Okay, maybe it was Confucius or someone.

The point is, making candy is fun and gets kids so excited they give each other big kisses.
And I'm all about the big kisses.

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