June 10, 2011

Coastal Showers

We went out to the coast a week or so ago. As is the case out here often in the spring, the promised lovely day was actually overcast and grey and cold and rainy.
But we made the best of it.

Sadie wrote her name in the sand. Sort of. She knows the letters go in a special order but she also believes it's fine to just put 'em all out there and let you figure it out.
She won't be controlled by all your rules and regulations, man.

Silas thought walking in the sand was pretty silly. He kept pointing at his feet and laughing.

And we even took a tour of the lighthouse. Here we are, up high. It was the best of the bunch with wind, glare, runny nose (mine) and hungry kids.

A delicious seafood lunch (no, not for me- blech!) took care of most of those problems, though.
And some hot cocoa. Is there anything hot cocoa doesn't make better?

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