June 26, 2011

DeeDee and YiYi

Silas has begun saying his name, and since one of the names we call him is Sy-Sy, he has taken to calling himself Yi-Yi.

When he wants a turn doing something he says, YiYi!

And he calls Sadie DeeDee. Which Sadie likes, so she calls herself DeeDee when she talks to YiYi, who she calls YiYi.

Confused yet? All you need to know is that it's really cute.

And they've been playing together more and more.

And she's been helping him, too. Today I watched her put his sandal back on when it came off while they were playing in the yard. And she even nibbled on his toes to be silly before she stuck it back on.
It warmed the cockles of my heart.

These pictures are from the other day when YiYi decided he should come in and lie down on the kitchen floor. DeeDee joined him.
Hey, I don't ask why.
Actually, I do. But I understand that I am not going to get any kind of an answer.

But I am going to get a good photo op.

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