June 19, 2011

Recital Redux

Sadie was a star at her recital. For those of you who remember last year you'll know that she didn't like the lights, the noise, and pretty much anything else.

This year we had a real dress rehearsal and she knew what to expect on the big day. And she was thrilled to learn that her dress looked like a wedding cake.
Pink? Check.
Poufy? Check.
Extra bow for hair? Check.

They had her at pink.

And getting to wear makeup? That is a thrill like no other. This kid loves makeup.

Right here would be where I insert the video, but you'll have to wait until later as my card reader appears to be broken. So I need to get Dada on his computer to get it.
Coming soon, promise!
And after a (surprisingly long) while where Silas was content to watch the dancing and like clap like a madman, he began to get bored of being in one spot. Not to mention that it was directly in his nap time window. Why do they schedule things for little kids at nap time?
So between Sadie events we went out into the lobby. Where Sy learned it's big fun to run in an echoing lobby. And yell. And drink out of a water fountain.

Then he went back to the auditorium doors and said "Deedie! Dadie!" Which is Sadie, of course.

Then she got her flowers.

She said, I thought I would be scared but it's not as scary as I thought. Recitals are fun, Mama! It's like dance class but not exactly like dance class. It's special.

It's true. It was a special day.
Thankfully I got the My-baby-is-so-big-and-growing-up-and-I-can't-believe-it-look-at-her-onstage-and-doing-so-well-by-herself-and-it's-amazing-and-wonderful-and-bittersweet crying out of the way at the dress rehearsal.
But I still teared up a tiny little bit. It just can't be helped.

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Greerio said...

Oh my goodness. This was a post worth waiting for. Tell Sadie I am very proud. And give Silas a kiss for me.