July 25, 2011

Beep Beep

Silas says beep beep when he needs to get by someone who is in his path. I know we occasionally honk to get by all the little critters who live in this house, and since Sy is a man of few words he always goes for the condensed version of whatever he wants to say.

He even says it to Laddie all the time. Not that Laddie has any idea what he's saying, of course.
But when you ask Sy if he is saying excuse me, Laddie (aka Beep beep, Doo-addie) he nods and says Uh-huh!

So the other night at bedtime we were reading a book and he belched. Since we are (sometimes futilely, it seems) attempting to teach our children some semblance of decent manners we always tell him and Sadie to say "excuse me" after they burp or release some other foul air.
So I said, Oh, you burped!

And Sy looked back at me, nodded, and said, Beep beep!

This kid cracks me up.

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