July 9, 2011

The Fourth

We went to an art and wine festival on the 4th of July, knowing that we would have prime seats for fireworks. And good food. And drinks. And ice cream.

And may I say that Sadie may be the messiest human being I have ever met? It doesn't matter what she's eating, she manages to smear it all over her face, have it running down her arms, drop it on the floor, coat her clothes with it. It deserves its own blog post.
It's quite amazing.
Look at the way she's attacking that ice cream bar.

And that was only having eaten a third of it. You can imagine how it ended.

And here's Sy, enjoying his crack, I mean, Flavor-Blasted Goldfish. I don't know what those things are coated in, but I think there may be something illegal in the mix.

And here is Sadie before her tussle with the ice cream bar.

Those face paints we got are coming in handy these days. I just paint her face before we go anywhere like this. She's excited and then we don't have to be sad if there's no face painting or stand in what is usually the longest line at the place.
We just stand in the balloon line.
Which is the second longest line.

And here is Sy's reaction to his first fireworks, which he calls boom-boom. Or boom. Or boo-boo. Seeing as how he pretty much yelled at every firework I think you'll get the gist of it.

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