July 12, 2011


We have been waiting a over a year to buy some ladybugs. Which has been a dream of Sadie's since last year they had sold out. And finally, finally we got them.

1500 of them. That's a lot of ladybugs.
You keep them in the fridge until you are ready to let them out as they kind of go dormant when they are cold. So on the way home in the car Sadie got a real kick out of watching them wake up.
Hi ladybugs! Mama, they're waking up. They are saying, "Hey, it's summer! Wake up!"

But, you know how one or two ladybugs are cute and magical and exciting?

Well, it turns out that 1500 of them marching towards you is a bit freaky. That's 9000 bug legs coming your way. It can make you a bit squirmy. Especially when they're crawling up your legs.

Shoes had to be checked.

Ladybugs had to be brushed away.

But after the initial freak out 1500 ladybugs were way cool.
And exciting.
And magical.
And the next morning when we found a bunch of them curled together in a leaf it was definitely the cutest insect-related thing I've ever seen.

Not that it was hard to win that title.

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