September 28, 2011

Laddie Turns Twelve

Laddie turned twelve this month and when Sadie found out she was insistent we have a party for him.
Well, I've promised Laddie that I would never make him wear a party hat. Although there is a picture floating around out there of him wearing an afro wig- maybe Aunt Schleck can find it as I lost it when the old computer crashed. Well, I never promised him he wouldn't have to wear an afro.
Turns out, the big draw of a party was to give him treats- they love giving him treats- and to blow out candles and sing. Of course.

So we did.
Doesn't this bowl of chicken scraps and dog treats look delicious?

It was great fun to make.
Then they practiced for the big blow.

Which is on video somewhere on Will's iPod. Which I have no access to at this moment. And rather than putting off a blog post (again!) I just decided you could see it later.
Or never.

And Laddie loved this treat. And the bone from the butcher we gave him as a present.
He deserves them, since he is the world's sweetest doggy.

And then Sadie asked me if we ever had another dog if he would be as good as Laddie.
And I thought, maybe, but probably not.
Happy 12th birthday, Rusty-Old-Lad-Dog.


LindaT said...

Laddy is one-of-a-kind. Happy birthday to the best dog ever.

Greerio said...

Ooh nice new background. Also, I am so pleased that I was there to witness Laddie in that Afro wig. And, Happy Birthday Laddie!!!