September 20, 2011

Paper Bags

Once again our Sesame Street books from the 70s have given us a completely low-tech craft. We all made these growing up and it appears that it is just as thrilling in 2011 as it was in 1977.
Paper bag masks.

Paper bags, yarn, markers, glue, why do these kinds of things make me so happy? Add in a pompom or pipe cleaner and I'm in heaven.
I guess I can still remember how things like pompoms and pipe cleaners only made an appearance every so often, so it always made things more fun.
And you should have seen these two when the pipe cleaners hit the table.

Silas was a robot.
Sadie was a fancy lady with a hat and antennae. All fancy ladies have antennae, don't they?

I got this pose.

Silas's robot eye hole was bothering him, so we cut it bigger.
So then he looked like a television from the 70s, which I found extremely amusing.

All this reminds me to pull out the pipe cleaners more often.
We only have so long that they will the highlight of their day. And mine.

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